“Pet parents” - funny but true

Had to share this, just saw it on TikTok & couldn’t resist.

Sorry, I can’t figure out how to embed the video on my phone!

So true, although couldn’t get the sound. Animal owners aren’t ‘Pet Parents’, I dislike the term.


@Lindsay: thanks! FYI the link worked fine for me (iPhone) and I could hear it fine. Funny!

@Smiley : I might agree, but what names would you use instead?

@geoff.hom: I just refer to them as “hosts”. It works for everyone who uses sitters in their homes, whether they have pets or no pets, and whether they own or rent their home.


Dog/cat owner


Yes, excellent. I much prefer that to PP.


yup and cats and dogs etc aren’t fur babies…I had babies, they were way more work!

I’ve protested the use of that term before and got reprimanded because I apparently offended some members. I bet you were glad your babies weren’t covered in fur when they were born :joy::rofl:

one of my many feelings of relief!! :rofl: :rofl: