Pet Service Market Trends

The pet service market is predicted to increase in coming years. This study shows current trends by service and geography.

Meanwhile, met this fascinating gentleman yesterday whilst out walking. Very enjoyable and interesting conversation.


Hah, that one dog is clearly the ‘Teacher’s Pet’ :laughing:

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Wow! That’s quite the analysis. Thanks for sharing it @Amparo.

More pet buddies for us all to care for – yay!

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@Amparo he sure looks like he has his hands full! LOL

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He sure does and he is very happy totally dominating his field! :guide_dog::paw_prints::service_dog:

In the UK there is a by-law which restricts the number of dogs that can be walked by one person to four. I don’t know how strictly this is enforced though…

Interesting. Thanks @Jo27 all my years over yonder and never knew or noticed that.

@jo@ I could not find that info anywhere and am really curious. Can you possibly send a link so I can read it in it’s entirety please.

Well I am a curious lass…
found this and apparently you must have a license if it is more than 4 dogs and there is a limit to 8 per person.

A business, can have up to 50 licenses!

and as per my original post and this article, dog walking is a booming business. This article also says
In the UK, it’s currently not necessary to have a dog walking licence, qualification, or certification. With no universal minimum requirements in place, all you need to legally operate a successful dog walking business is a love of dogs and adequate spare time.
It’s a good read.

The fellow in my post only works two hours a day as a walker. He provides other services such as training, canine therapies and bordering at his “hotel canino”.
He absolutely loves what he does.
It was wonderful to meet him.
It’s just another way to meet the needs of some. I would imagine that anyone starting a business would do their research as to the requirements in their location.