Petrified to Book

I’m brand new live in Encino California
Our regular sitter passed away and now find ourselves looking for our new normal as we always travel during same time every year
I have 2 very spoiled very active Weimaraners who suffer from separation anxiety as I compete with them in many dog sports and they are champions in many areas - they are used to their routine - I am not getting hardly any applicants at all and need someone without another pet as one of my girls is fear aggressive towards dogs she is not related to (she loves her bio family tho)
I have one applicant that seems too good to be true and I’m terrified to turn everything that is near and dear to me over to strangers for 10 days HELP!!

@Audreychloe , are you able to meet them ahead of time? Or at least have a video chat? This might give you a better sense of who they are. If they have many exceptionally good reviews, that is also a good indicator that you are dealing with a good sitter.


Hi @Audreychloe I am going to send you Direct Message and pick this up with you for support. Arranging your first sitters can be a little daunting however there are steps to take which will help give you the assurance and confidence you need in order to know that your pets and home will be safe, secure and looked after, according to your instructions.

Hi @Audreychloe I have sent you a message please check your Direct Messages.

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