Pets you meet on the go

Sometimes when you travel you meet the greatest pets.
I often chat up the human so I can get closer.
Who have you met along the way?
Met this sweet girl on the platform waiting for the train.


Only in LAX airport do you see this type of fashion trend - thankfully. And yes, it was a real dog.


I once watched a lady paint her dogs nails with the same colour of nail varnish as she was wearing. I just walked away. Dogs are fellow creatures not accessories.


Amazing @Amparo - I had just the same thought for a post last night (I was browsing my photos and saw how many strays, waifs, and happy hellos from pets on our travels). I’m sure you are the same but we find animals strangely drawn to us now… maybe because we’ve spent more time with more pets than we have humans over the last 10 years :joy: I think they know where our love sits!!

Here are just a few of ours (as always it’s Ian in the pix!)…

Climbing the steps to Teotihuacan in Mexico! This Boxer just appeared from nowhere! And disappeared again when we got to the top!

This one joined us on a beach in Thailand for the day

An finally this gorgeous stray came on a 3 hour hike in the mountains of Mexico before returning to his stray pack on way down the mountain. Thankfully we had enough water for the 3 of us!!
We say he was our guardian for the day!!

Great post…!!


It’s the oddest thing but I do so enjoy how I am drawn to animals and they to me now. Even wild life. It seems surreal at times but I understand that I am in a different place now.
Too busy with “work”, I never actually took time before to really enjoy the beauty of what has always been there.
These are gorgeous photos, (Hi Ian!).
Would love to hear more about your time Mexico. Been there on medical mission trips and really have thought about going back for a longer period.

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