Photo Dimensions for Profile?

Hi all,
I did do a spyglass search for this but came up empty handed, so I’m hoping that you techy folks can help me here.

I’m wanting all of my profile photos to fill the rectangle dimensions, so I know I have to crop them to make that happen, but I can’t figure out what the dimensions to crop them to. I take a lot of portrait photos for Instagram, but as TH uses a landscape layout, it requires some manual editing.

Can anyone help with this? I’m looking for an answer like “The photo box is 1200 x 600” or something like that that I can plug into my photo editor.

Thanks a bunch!

Which profile photo are you aiming for? Profile photos are round aren’t they?

Not sure about the dimensions as your whole photo in landscape fits and doesn’t need cropping, unless you want to crop it first to make it look better. It will fill the available space. Portrait photos on the other hand end up with the thick black stripes on either side as they are not wide enough.

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I mean the photos that come after the main photo. The ones in the album.

Yeah, I want to crop my portrait photos into landscapes to avoid the annoying black lines (grey on mine) and inconsistency in size. For my website, if I upload a photo it’ll tell me the dimensions so I can make all the other images match those for uniformity.

Ah, OK, the photos you add to a listing (as owner) or in your “portfolio” as a sitter. Hmm, I don’t know if that’s specified anywhere but will dig a bit to see if I can get an answer…
Update; probably @geoff.hom is your guru on the ground for this. Inspecting the Web page’s attributes should give the answer but I’m using an iPad right now & can’t get to my laptop (cos it’s packed in the car ready to go off on our next sit tomorrow - yay!)

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I feel like if anyone might know it’ll be @geoff.hom :laughing:


You guys are too kind; believe in your ability to learn and grow! I hadn’t thought of @Saltrams idea of using a web inspector but it works great. You’ll find the ratio is 3:2.

Here’s also how I found an answer:

  • went to the TH website; clicked on Help
  • searched for “photo dimensions”
  • scanned the list of results; the 2nd-to-bottom one looks good:

To avoid the black/grey bars on the side, what matters is the ratio (3:2), not the number of pixels. The latter just makes the image look better/sharper. =) Whatever you can fit into 10 MB; e.g., 3000 x 2000.

Caveats: Remember that the photos could appear on the desktop website, mobile website (portrait or landscape), and the mobile app. The mobile app seems to work only in portrait mode, even when viewing photos.

Thank you!!

Yes, I do struggle with the idea that either on web or mobile they will look “wrong” depending on how I choose to display them, but at least they can all look the same!

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