Please comment on my listing

Hi, I just signed up and posted my first sit. I’d love it if some of you more experienced folks would look it over and tell me if there are ways I can improve it. I did get one applicant already so hopefully that’s a good sign. TIA!

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Looks good - clear pics, lots of info and wrecks looks absolutely gorgeous!

You won’t have any problems securing a wonderful sitter I’m sure :+1: :grin:

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Looks great. When you say X is 10 minutes away, is that by foot or car or bus or such?

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Hi @Rexaroni
You’ve done a great listing so, well done!
You say Wrecks can be left for up to 6 hours but eats 3 x per day. What times does he eat?
Unfortunately the fact that he sleeps in bed will deter a lot of sitters.
Good luck!

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I think your sit looks great. If I lived closer, I’d love to apply. I’ve shared a bed with dogs and it was not a problem. As long as they sleep through the night, I don’t mind at all, it can even make a stay sweeter.

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Your photo’s are great, cute dog, great text, what could be better… nothing!

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Honestly I think it’s very appealing. It could work well for city dwellers NY, Philly, etc looking for a country vacation. Hikers, cross country skiers could make the 6 hour time between walkies work. People working from home or working on a project (writers) would probably love the companionship of Wrecks and the quiet setting. You are honest about Wreck’s behavior, abilities, and needs. You could mention whether sitters will need their own car or whether you will be able to provide one.

The only thing possibly missing is any specific attractions – state parks, skiing, museums, cute drivable towns.

It’s not till February. You have one applicant. I think you’ll get more. If the one seems great – reviews, strong dog experience, own vehicle, you might lock it in. You could also wait to get a few applicants. If the other applicants come slowly, however, than there is a chance you could lose out as sitters often apply for more than one sit at a time and your perfect sitter might find something else while you’re deciding.

Thanks, for now I’m not sure if I could lend my car (have to check insurance, etc.) I put the attractions in my welcome packet but will mention them here as well.

Hi Rexaroni,

Welcome to the Platform.
I am a (not fulltime, just when it suits me) housesitter, based in Europe and looked at your Profile.

This are my thoughts:

I agree that it is a very appealing post.
A lot of usefull information to get a first impression about the house, Wrecks and you yourself.
Photo’s show a beautiful, organised house. I like the photos of the bedroom and kitchen with Wrecks in it. It has two purposes in one.
I love the amount of photos. Enough to give the sitters an idea of your home, dog and surroundings. And no overkill.
I, as an outdoor person, love the availability of the kayaks, tubes and bike. Don’t know what PFD’s are? Also something for sporting/ outdoor? (I am Dutch and don’t know the English abbreviation)

I agree that it is still a long time to go. I myself usually apply just about one month in advance (or shorter).
Because the chance of unexpected events (and thus cancelling/ changing the sit) from both sides is then smaller.

If you have a good applicant, it could be that he/she declines when you wait to long with a reply. Either because they have applied for multiple sits.
Or also, if you wait to long with a reply, the sitters can think you aren’t serious looking at this time. Or they think you aren’t enthusiastic of their application.

But overall, if I was in the neighbourhood and looking for a sit in that period, this listing would enough for me to apply.

Good luck with finding someone. You certainly will succeed in that. Your listing is great.
And I hope Wrecks has the best week ever, when you are away in February.

PFD=Personal Flotation Device, basically a life jacket to wear while on the water

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Good point! I’ll specify a 10 minute drive.

Hi there,

I would recommend specifying if you require the sitter to sleep with Wrecks. Or if he is OK sleeping elsewhere.

There is a lot of information about outdoor activities and water activities. Your sit dates are for winter when the lows average in the teens. Might be helpful to include more information about winter activities.