Poor user experience & wording 'confirm sit' email then 'agree to sit' website

I received an email saying I’d been chosen for a Sit, and clicked the ‘confirm sit’ button in the email (using my phone) - the THS website opened (not the app even though it’s installed) and the page it took me to was the message inbox. Not a particular message! Just the whole inbox. I clicked on the message from the owner mentioned in the confirmation email, and there was nothing about ‘confirm sit’ mentioned. It had ‘Application confirmed:’ written underneath our last message. But nowhere for me to confirm.
So I asked the chatbot! Frankie said that I needed to click the green button at the top of the message, ‘agree to sit’.

Why on earth is the wording different, and not logical to find? I’d ignored that button at the top because the dates were greyed out, and I’d already applied. It’s the same button that you first apply for the sit.

Come on THS, who is in charge of user experience? Has any user testing been done at all before things are launched?!


We’ve had a few invites in the last few weeks and it was a double “agree to sit” & then wait for a further “offer of sit” from the HO to come through, and then another clunky move to “confirm sit”. Very strange and painful @Tallbird

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