How to Confirm a Sit - As the Sitter if you don't see the message to "Confirm Sit"

Long time member here and was just flummoxed on how to confirm a sit. Had a nice chat with the HO, and she texted me to say “I’ve confirmed you as a sitter” - but nothing within the app showed that to be the case. . . no message on the dashboard, etc. How could I confirm?

I thought to check email which said “you’ve been chosen” and button to click said “Respond Now” . . . so I clicked and was taken back to the app, back to the conversation window with the HO where I saw the same previous conversation. I refreshed the page. I logged out of the app and logged back in. NOTHING.

After much poking around - I finally discovered that when opening my inbox and clicking on the HO’s name - despite seeing the conversation with this HO - because the DEFUALT filter at the top of the conversation was set to “find a pet sitter” - I was not seeing the popup message asking me to confirm the sit. Once I clicked the filter over to “Apply to a house sit” - THEN I saw a message saying click to Confirm this sit.

This is quite confusing and may be happening because I am both a HO and a sitter (???). Even now when I open the conversation in my inbox with the HO - the filter at the top defaults to “find a pet sitter.”

Additionally, it means that each time I write a note to the HO and click submit, I am seeing this message:

Sharing in case this helps someone else . . . and hoping the TH tech team can sort out a more intuitive “confirm sit” process. @Vanessa-Admin, @Ben-Product Cheers!


Hi @pdr firstly congratulations on your sit and thank you for the feedback

I’m going to tag @Therese-MembershipService who will connect with you when she is back online, once again thank you for feeding this back.

Hi @pdr @Angela-CommunityManager @Ben-Product … Yes, as a combined member, in the inbox, it does naturally default to Find a pet sitter. So as you experienced, you would have to manually change it to the other side of the membership. I can understand that this is not ideal.
I am not sure how/if tech can alter this default going forward, but I will certainly bring this to their attention. We are so sorry for your frustration and really lovely to hear about your confirmed sit. Kind regards Therese