System won't confirm my sitter

First time engaging a sitter for our home/pets. Sitter chosen and both of us believe it’s confirmed, but site does not officially indicate this. I’ve hit the ‘confirm sitter’ link numerous times, to no avail. Because of this, I’m unable to share my Welcome Guide with the sitter. Frustrating.

Hi @Lkschroeder congratulations on confirming your sitter that’s great news but I’m sorry you are having issues sharing the Welcome Guide I’m going to notify the Membership Services Team and tag @Therese-Moderator who will pick this up when she is back online and connect with you via email.

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I’m wondering about this bc I have three sits verbally confirmed and we had have nothing since our verbal confirmations.

Hi @Lkschroeder @exploringmeerkats - thank you @Angela-CommunityManager
I will email you both directly from membership services, however, I did want to confirm the process … when a homeowner confirms a sitter, the sitter does need to go into their inbox and Accept the confirmation. When they have done this, it will appear in the inbox as confirmed at the top of the messages. A count down clock appears on the sitters dashboard, and on the homeowners date block on their dashboard, it will say Sitter Confirmed next to the dates. Sometimes if things go astray for any reason, we can help do the confirmation on our side, so I will email you for confirmation dates and sitters names. Kind regards Therese

Yes, I followed the process of confirming in my inbox. But there was no subsequent confirmation or ‘clock’ in my inbox.

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Sounds like the Sitter hasn’t Accepted.

She says she did. I just resolved this by going thru the TH on my phone rather than through the website (laptop). Now all is confirmed and Welcome Guide sent!