Technical issues with Welcome Guide

Hi all -

I’ve used THS for a few years now but this is my first time with this issue.

I’ve confirmed a sitter using the site - when I look at our conversation in my Inbox, it says ‘Sitter confirmed’.

I am now ready to send them my updated Welcome Guide, but when I go to the Welcome Guide front page, it says I can’t update my personal message to these sitters, or print the guide, because I haven’t yet confirmed a sitter! :rage:

I go back to confirm the sitter, and on the dates page, it says I’ve confirmed a sitter.

I’m going round in circles! I really need to send the Welcome Guide to my sitter - the sit is due to start in a couple of days!!

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There does seem to be an issue around the Welcome Guide. Recently two different homeowners have told us that they have sent the welcome guide, but we haven’t received it.

We then ‘requested’ the welcome guide and it came through - maybe you could ask your sitter to request it and then it should go through.

Also there is some back and forth when confirming sits - the sitter also needs to confirm the sit before it is fully confirmed - have all parties confirmed?


something like:
Sitter applies
Ho offers the sit
Sitter accepts
Ho Confirms
Sitter confirms.

Not sure if you can see the screenshot but I’ve chatted with my sitter - we’ve definitely both confirmed the sit - and then I go to send her my Welcome Guide and it says I need to confirm a sitter. Any ideas?!

Oh - weird - if I click this to update my Welcome Guide, it works!

Hi @mediummac welcome to our community forum … I’m sorry to see your debute is accompanied by an angry face emoji

I’ve just shared the Welcome Guide with your sitter. What you needed to do was hit the green “Share Welcome Guide” button … which sits at the bottom of the page, it’s easily missed but Gabriel now has it.

Welcome again and we hope you have a great trip do come back and share with us.

Angela & The Team

Team work … solved it together @mediummac:raised_hands: :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m not sure we solved it together @Angela-HeadOfCommunity! :joy:

Just FYI, near the top of my Dashboard, there is this section:

Clicking that link to ‘Edit my welcome guide’ took me to the page I screenshot above, saying that I couldn’t share the guide until I’d confirmed a sitter.

But yes, back on my dashboard again, if I scroll down and click ‘Update Welcome Guide’ then that DID allow me to share it with my sitter.

I would say this is a technical glitsch and something you might want to sort out, as it was very confusing and has taken me rather a lot of time to solve. If you feel that the ‘Share Welcome Guide’ button is “easily missed” then it might be worth reorganising the Dashboard so others don’t experience the same problem.

I would much rather have been able to speak to someone about this on the phone but when I called yesterday and today (several times), I was always played a recorded message saying that you were too busy to speak to anyone at the moment.

You’ve just put your fees up quite a bit and suddenly the quality of customer care seems to have dropped. It’s a bit of a shame.

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Hi @mediummac thank you, just occasionally there are members who miss the share button and there is no technical issue that we are aware of but will pass to the team just to be sure.

Between you posting about the issues you were experiencing and my second response I had passed this over to Membership Services speaking to James and at the same time accessed your account and shared the Welcome Guide with Gabriel

We do apologise for the delay in response from Membership Services, we are in the process of training new agents to bring the team back to post COVID strength, which is a priority but this does take time, especially as we are having to train these new agents remotely and we thank all of our members for their patience.

If you need any additional help please don’t hesitate to ask.

The technical issue that I am flagging up is that if a user hits the top button on the Dashboard: ‘Edit welcome guide’, the welcome guide opens up, and overlaid on top of the guide is a message saying that I can’t write a personalised message, share or print the guide because I have not yet confirmed a sitter, even though I HAVE clearly confirmed a sitter.

It should be possible to share the welcome guide by clicking the button below ‘Your welcome guide’ on the Dashboard. If this is still not clear, then please let me know and I will happily try and explain to your tech team what is wrong. It is definitely a fault that should be fixed.

I understand it’s tricky to train new staff post-covid but you clearly should’ve waited until your service offering was back to full strength before putting up your fees.

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Thank you @mediummac I have passed this over to the technical team.

I have exactly had the same problem yesterday! Somehow I could send the welcome guide to the confirmed sitter through the app but not with the desktop site🤷🏼‍♀️

Hi @Düsenzofe we are aware of the problem with sharing the welcome guide and it’s a UX issue rather than a technical one.

I will DM you to advise.

Thank you so much! It worked through the app however so I can manage :wink:

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I am also having the same problem. I have tried multiple times today to share my guide with a confirmed sitter, but he says that he did not get it. I just printed PDFs of it to put in a coffee table book here and to email to him, but the printed material runs the paragraphs together and does not show the photos that I uploaded.

Tagging @Therese-Moderator to help you with this when she’s online today.

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Thank you Vanessa.

I too am having the problem where I go to edit my welcome guide which I’m NOT ready to share yet, and I get the message that I haven’t confirmed the sitter but I have. Why does it do this?