Help Please with Welcome Guide

I went to my dashboard clicked on welcome pack and then proceeded to fill in the various headings. I got to the end. It then said send confirm your sitter which I did . It then said send a welcome message to your sitter . When I pressed next, it then asked me to fill in the welcome pack. There is no sign of the one that had taken quiet a while to fill in. Has it been sent, is it retrievable. Can anyone assist please

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Hi Jay - Firstly welcome to the forum, we are glad you found your way here. Let me just check your account and if there’s a problem I will get you passed over to the support department. Bear with me and I’ll be back shortly. All the best, Vanessa

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Hi again @Jay. I’ve had a quick look at your account and it looks like you’ve already shared the welcome pack. There is a small technical glitch currently being looked into whereby to edit your welcome guide or view it you need to scroll down to the second option … UPDATE WELCOME GUIDE. Then you’ll see the guide you created without needing to confirm your sitter continually.

This is what you are looking for…

Give it a try and let me know if you have any further problems.

All the best

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Thank you Vanessa. Found it. Is there a way to print the completed Welcome Pack.

Glad you found it. You can’t print from the system directly. The reasoning behind this is that often there is sensitive information (passwords for WiFi, alarms etc.) that once a sit is complete the sitter cannot access anymore. So it’s for security of the homeowner.

Some homeowners we’ve sat for have created their own printed version (I assume through cut/paste) where they can control what info is available outside the welcome guide in case of inability to get online. Especially in areas where internet / phone signal not so good.

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