Help Please with Welcome Guide

I went to my dashboard clicked on welcome pack and then proceeded to fill in the various headings. I got to the end. It then said send confirm your sitter which I did . It then said send a welcome message to your sitter . When I pressed next, it then asked me to fill in the welcome pack. There is no sign of the one that had taken quiet a while to fill in. Has it been sent, is it retrievable. Can anyone assist please

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Hi Jay - Firstly welcome to the forum, we are glad you found your way here. Let me just check your account and if there’s a problem I will get you passed over to the support department. Bear with me and I’ll be back shortly. All the best, Vanessa

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Hi again @Jay. I’ve had a quick look at your account and it looks like you’ve already shared the welcome pack. There is a small technical glitch currently being looked into whereby to edit your welcome guide or view it you need to scroll down to the second option … UPDATE WELCOME GUIDE. Then you’ll see the guide you created without needing to confirm your sitter continually.

This is what you are looking for…

Give it a try and let me know if you have any further problems.

All the best

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Thank you Vanessa. Found it. Is there a way to print the completed Welcome Pack.

Glad you found it. Updated 25-9 - see post below for instructions on how to print welcome guide.

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I am fighting this same battle. I would like to print a hard copy of the welcome guide to leave at the house for my sitters. The privacy factor is irrelevant if it is the owner printing the document. It seems like there should be an easier way. I do have a “print” button at the bottom of the home page of my guide, but it is grayed out. I guess for now, copy and paste is the only option. If there is a simpler or updated way, please advise.

Hi there and welcome to the forum. I’m going to tag @Therese-Moderator for when she’s back in the forum Monday morning, as I think she was checking to see if there was a way to download and print as a PDF. Unless @Angela-CommunityManager maybe knows the answer to this?

I only have experience from a sitter perspective as the welcome guide wasn’t available sadly when we started as owners.

If in the meantime you find a way… do let us know.

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I also did “copy and paste” and from that I made my own welcome guide, which I send the sitter per email before the sit and I also have it printed in German and English in the house. Like this the sitter doesn’t have to be online and also doesn’t need to take along a printed version.
The THS welcome guide doesn’t cover everything I like to say but it’s good as a guideline where to start and what is important to know.
I also found it too complicated to add pictures, which “explain” some things in the house. I want them right next to the text and I couldn’t find a way to do this.
I guess it depends on the kind of property that the HO has. The THS guide might be perfect for new apartments or houses but for older ones with some “quirks” it’s not detailed enough.

Thanks @Vanessa-Admin and @Pesciolino welcome to the forum, you should be able to print the Welcome Guide … here are the steps as in the Help Section How to print the Welcome Guide? – TrustedHousesitters I’m not sure why the print buttom would be “greyed out” unless there is something incomplete about the guide.

I have sent a message to the team on duty at the moment and will update you when I have any informtion.

Hi @Pesciolino I’ve just had a response from Membership Services about printing the guide …

“Yes they should be able to, if it is greyed out this could hint an issue with their date confirmation OR it could be their printer connectivity depending at what stage the option is greyed”

I have sent you a Direct Message also … You’ll find a response in your DM with a Screen Shot

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Thank you for the link. I just had to click on a down arrow to further open the sitter info and found how to share it. Many thanks!

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I have followed the info on how to share, and I swear I don’t get where the button is to share the Welcome Guide.
I’ve filled out all the info and just don’t get it.

My sitter confirmed and when I to to the House Sitter Manual to send to her I see only a bar telling me to confirm my sitter.

Hi @Toni I have checked your sitter’s account and you have shared the Welcome Guide with her, there is a glitch in the system, currently under review.