Welcome Guide Resend?

My sitter has asked me to resend a welcome pack as they lost theirs. How can I do that.

Can you advise. Thank you


If you put yours on your listing then it’s always there so she just needs to go into the listing again and view it :+1:

Hummm…I did read on another post awhile back that the welcome guide is not available to the sitter beginning the last day of their sit. Not sure if that is the case in your sitters situation. As a sitter, I haven’t found a way to print the welcome guide and I end up cutting and pasting critical data to a document to keep just in case I need the data on the last day of the sit. However, the welcome guide has always been available online for us until the sit ends.

Not sure how they can ‘lose’ their Welcome Guide when it’s on their Dashboard. It’s always a good idea, in addition to the Welcome Guide online, to print out all the information and leave it in your home for the sitters. If any additional info is needed then you can add it for future sitters

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@Smiley We’ve found the THS Welcome Pack very cumbersome although we’ve filled it in as best we can. As owners we send the sitters a pdf doc with all the necessary info in a more accessible and conversational format. We also include photos and diagrams to explain our cat’s auto feeders. Sitters can read at their leisure and follow up with any questions. We also leave them a printed copy with additional info eg maps showing local walks, bus timetables etc. We’ve also sat for owners who do similar. Where owners rely on the THS template we cut and paste the more important bits(usually feeding routines) for quick and easy reference


Sounds like you’re one of the better owners with all the information provided.

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