Welcome Guide - updates & edits to confirmed sitters

I’m fairly new to THS and have been working on my Welcome Guide, editing it as things occur to me and/or things change.

I’ve seen it recommended that the guide be sent to sitters as soon as they confirm. If I make edits after I’ve sent the guide out, does the confirmed sitter’s Welcome Guide also update, or do I need to (and can I) re-send the updated version?

Mostly, it’s small stuff, but there’s been a change to my cat’s medicine (hyperthyroid pill 2x/day rather than 1x/day.) Of course, I’ll make sure the sitters know about important changes like this one ahead of time, without solely relying on the Welcome Guide.

Thank you.


Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you do not need to resend it. When you update it on your end, what your confirmed sitter sees is the updated version. Unless the sitter printed it (the welcome guide does not print well); the printed version would need to be printed again after any updates. But that’s the beauty of a welcome guide; it doesn’t need to be printed. It is always accessible via the app or the website, and in the most up to date version.

I don’t know the answer, but I find the online guide a pain to update! I try to keep it up to date but I often find I have to change things multiple times and it doesn’t always stick. Maybe it’s me, but I prefer to have important details like feeding and med schedules printed where the sitter can easily find them. Just make sure the sitter knows the printed version takes precedence over what’s online.

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Hi @GardenCat welcome to our community forum. You can update the Welcome Guide and not have to resend as this is automatic. There is information on the website Help Centre to help you with most aspects of the welcome guide … simply use the search function and enter the key words.

You’ll also find a number of conversations on the Welcome Guide here on the forum.

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Hi, @GardenCat, Very considerate of you to be concerned about this. I usually print out the Welcome Guide as soon as the HO posts it. If the HO then makes changes, I may not know about them. It would be very nice if you could drop your sitter a line to let them know when you have made additions or changes to your Welcome Guide. Thanks!

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Thanks, Mars. That was completely unclear to me - the sitter does NOT get notified of changes, so, sitter may print out the original, and won’t know that things have changed. I greeted my sitter on Wednesday night, and she was surprised to learn of changes that I’d updated in the guide. I’ll be sure to let sitters know that the guide’s been updated, as things change.


Just confirmed my sitters and have been trying to find the Welcome Guide with no luck. I followed the instructions but there is no WG mentioned on the page…I’m either being really stupid or :crazy_face: HELP Please

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Hi @LaineyH
I am thrilled that you have confirmed your sitters. This is great news.
If you go to your Drop down menu - Dashboard, on the right hand side under your confirmed sitter’s names, you will see the button to share your welcome guide.
Also remember that you can edit/add to your welcome guide at any point, and the changes are immediate and shared automatically.
I hope this helps.
Best wishes

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