Issue reading welcome guide

Is anyone else having a problem reading the Welcome Guide for upcoming sits?
I have read the guide successfully before but now the ‘next’ button is greyed out and I can’t get past the first page.

@Ben-ProductManager - could you get the tech team to check this out? I have tried again today and it still isn’t working. Thanks

Hi @Twitcher we are not seeing any problems with the welcome guide and editing, please could you provide a screenshot and any further information so we can investigate further?

Many Thanks, Ben

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Hi @Twitcher
If you can refresh each page in the meantime. There a little glitch which tech are working on. Apologies for the inconvenience.

I am a sitter and currently unable to read the Welcome Guide for my upcoming sit. It worked fine before.
When you click on the next button the page is just blank.

It doesn’t make any difference, still not working.

I have tried reading the Welcome Guide on the App as well - still no success.

I will dm you.
Best wishes

Hi All, this should now be fixed, here is the announcement: Product updates - #58 by Ben-ProductManager

Thanks, Ben

Hi @Twitcher