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We currently have a situation where a welcome guide was created and shared with us, but it has since been added to and updated. I can completely understand why owners would do this to add things they have forgotten to include when originally creating but has anyone encountered a situation where significant details which, would affect acceptance of the sit, being changed between the welcome guide being created and shared and the sit starting. There is no way to see when the guide was last edited/updated ? Thank you


Hi @adamas The update changes made by the homeowner are instant, but unfortunately, there is no way to see when it was last edited/updated.
If there have been significant changes that reflect on the welcome guide that was not mentioned in your original agreement, it is important that you address this straight away with the homeowner, so that you both feel comfortable going forward. I hope this helps. Kind regards Therese

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Hi @adamas
I had a situation where I had an extensive telephone conversation with the HOs during the application process all about the cats. Thankfully I documented her responses.
Try as I might, I couldn’t obtain the Welcome Guide for a couple of months. When I did receive it the cats sleeping arrangements, feeding times and frequency of meal times was nothing like we had discussed.
As the sitting had significantly changed, I asked her to cancel our sitting which she did.
So, if anyone is not happy with any changes do not be afraid to withdraw from the sitting


Thank you, ours was a last minute sit with only a week, and the changes we noticed only when the sit had started and some of her comments during handover prompted us to look at the welcome guide again and I saw what had been written and discussed was now changed. In future I will make notes of conversations.