Sitters not going through App

I am trying to get potential sitters to message me through the app and confirm through the app.

I am now conversing with a sitter (this has happened twice) who is “confirming” with me via text message!!

I request and please, Can we PLEASE do this through the app?

Don’t sitters know that nothing is confirmed unless it happens through the app?

And as a premium member, i am not insured or get any benefits if a sit happens “off the app.”


@Lisa_PB are these sitters that are new to THS / are these sitters that you sent a private invitation to or sitters that applied in response to a public listing ?

Sometimes it’s a case of needing to be told step by step how to confirm a sit . As the confirmation of a sit on THS is not that intuitive as it comprises of 4 stages .

We are new sitters but have to tell HOs who reached out to us with private invitations that there were 4 stages to be completed before a sit is “confirmed “ … we got there in the end ! :joy:


Is this a new sitter @Lisa_PB?
Not all members have the app on their phone. However if you ask her to go into her Inbox on her Dashboard using the website, you hopefully will have better luck with her confirming.
I hope you’ve discussed with your sitter the means of communication during the actual sit as well.

Ah, it makes sense not all members would have the app on their phone.

I send text messages asking to confirm through website.

During the actual sit, we do use text message.

Thank you @temba

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I think I will include “step by step” instructions in my initial response to an application. Good idea, thank you.

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There have been lots of problems with app for some Android phones since last October. I think they are mostly resolved but on lots of occasions I couldn’t reply to a message unless I went via the website which works the same.

I never use the app, I’ve tried but dislike it. I’ve never had a problem confirming on the website. Not sure why you insist sitters confirm on the app, nor why you’d get extra benefits if they do. You’re still insured if they confirm via the website!

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I read this thread to mean: accept the invitation via THS (whether app or website is a moot point), not just via a text message.


Honestly if they dont go through the proper procedure for something as simple as confirming the sit, I wouldnt want them to sit for me through THS.

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We share contact info on confirming and then decide if it’s appropriate to move minor discussions off platform. You can control when they get your number to text you. As a sitter I want any significant sit communications (date changes, for example) captured in the app rather than by text or WhatsApp but I’m happy to move off for everything else.

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I do not have the app on my phone and do not like doing things through my phone. i much prefer doing on my laptop through the website. I cannot send any text messages unless the owner gives me their phone number. This is usually given after the sit had been confirmed, unless on the rare occasion, they wish to have a video call through WhatsApp.

How would anyone be able to contact you off the site or app unless you give them other contact info? I’d suggest not doing that till your arrangements are nailed down.