Question about a sit that is confirmed via text message

Hi there, The owners of a house sit wanted me for their house sit which starts this Friday and ends Tuesday coming up

I was waiting to hear back from them and they finally answered my questions before I was able to hit ACCEPT. They deleted their dates.

Now, they still want me, I am keen and have accepted via text message.

What happens on our end for insurance and liability and all that? Are screen shots and emails/messages enough to confirm a sit?


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Hi there;
Ask them to create a new listing ASAP and to let you know as soon as it is done so you can apply nice more. They can also extend you a private invitation. I will tag @Therese-Moderator and @Angela-HeadOfCommunity to further assist you.
All the best.


Thank you @Amparo x0

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Hi @anon27523372 and thank you @Amparo

The sit arrangement needs to be confirmed and accepted officially on the site via both your accounts, otherwise you wont be covered by any of the TrustedHousesitters benefits and you will not be able to exchange the review or feedback.

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