Formalising the agreement

Hi there - We have found a sitter and wonder if there is a formal agreement we have to complete or a way of letting TrustedHousesitters know we are going ahead? Is there insurance cover or anything ? At the moment it just seems it is just a verbal agreement between us and the sitter and it feels a bit strange.

Hi @BelindaMichael
You should be able to send your sitter a confirmation of the sit via your listing. The sitter needs to confirm the sit.

Yes. There is no guarantee for either party or insurance in case of cancellation, unless you are a premium member. We have also done contracts with 2-3 HOs, but they are quite meaningless (one of our only absolute last-minute cancellations without a good reason was with such a HO). Trust your gut feeling.

After you’ve had a conversation with your sitter and have both agreed to go ahead, you have to formally invite them to sit and they have to click “accept”.

Once that is done, anyone else who has applied for the sit will receive a message that you no longer need a sitter and the listing will no longer be “live”. It’s nice if you can also send a personal message to other applicants and let them know.

The process is explained in the link, as is other info that might help answer your questions about insurance etc.