Portugal Living - "Golden Visa" - did you get one?

I am not sure where to post this question, so I am posting it here. Is there anyone on here who has obtained the “golden visa” via investment and is currently living in Portugal? I would like to learn about this from people who have actually done it. Thanks in advance for any insights.

Hi @cherylfah! I too would like to get information on this as we are true Portugal lovers and want to spend some of our retirement there. Anything we can find out to make it easier would be great!

Someone I know who immigrated from Italy to Norway said try looking for relevant Facebook groups, so I reluctantly joined this one and have started asking questions: Expats in Portugal Q&A | Facebook

I found this. But I haven’t done it so this info is really more for people who see the post and wonder what it’s about.

Yes I’d like to talk to someone who actually did it so they can explain. On the Facebook group I found, someone said the golden visa for ultra rich people who just want residency and don’t necessarily want to live there so they basically are buying residency. Seems a shame. I would just like to live there.

Looks like the ‘cheapest"’ way is a real estate investment. 400-500,000 euros and at least you have some place to live. Less is it’s more rural.

There are a few countries in the world where you can also “buy” a passport.