Posting a Reply to a pet owners review

I know there have been some updates to the app and website, and typically this doesn’t affect our use of either much at all. However, the last 2 sits I did notice my ability to leave a quick ‘thank you for the review’ reply message. At times the ‘reply button’ wasn’t available (website or app), and other times I find the button, post the reply, and it simply doesn’t appear. I have an Apple phone and rarely use the website. Not having any issues posting my detailed feedback after the sit is completed. Perhaps I’m not patient enough, although I prefer to post my reply upon receipt of their review…oh well…it all works out in the end.

This has happened to me, too. I wrote a reply to my last review three times — three times it never got posted. Aggravating.

It is frustrating @Edith. I finally used the website version on my phone, rather than the app. After reposting it a few times, it finally showed up. Not sure what the glitch is?

Thanks for the tip @Joanne. I’ll do it that way.

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