Responding to review


how much time do you have to respond to a review you have received as a house sitter?
I assume there is no deadline?

and if you leave a responds, does the home owner get a notification that a responds has been left?


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Hello @Rubos

Great questions there, thanks for posting. There is no time limit to reply to a review so theoretically you can still respond to reviews left from several years ago.

In regards to the notification, I am not 100% sure on this one so will go and check with the wider team. In the meantime though, if any of our lovely owner members happen to know this one they are very welcome to jump in.

Will come back to this thread once I have clarification.

All the best

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Yes, I believe the owner should get a response that you’ve left a review as sitters get a response and it goes like this:
“Congratulations on your 5 star review” ……and then you would go in and read it which would prompt you to review the owner if you hadn’t already.
Best to do the review soon after the sit as, otherwise, it could get overlooked

Hello @Rubos just to clarify as @Lucy-Moderator stated there is no time limit to reply to a review you have received from a HO, so you can reply shortly afterwards or a year or so down the line, whenever you decide.
Can I just clarify though, when you refer to a response and the home owner being notified if a response has been left, do you mean in regards to your reply to the review they left you or do you mean the feedback that you would like to leave for an owner after you have completed your sit?
If it is the latter, the feedback will enable you as a sitter to leave feedback for a HO following a sit you have just completed and the HO would be notified once you have submitted your feedback for them.
I was just checking that you were not confusing the replying to your review with leaving feedback following your sit.
Hope this clarifies for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, so the houseowner left a review about me and I was wondering if I left a responds on that review if they will get notified

Hi @Rubos as @Lucy-Moderator advised previously, she will need to check with the team and get back to you shortly with regards to a notification on a reply to a review.

Did you already leave the HO feedback that you sat for?
This is the equivalent of the review that the HO has left for you, it just has a different name which is referred to as feedback.

Yes I have left a positive reviews for the houseowner.


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Hi @Rubos

Thank you for your patience whilst I double-checked this for you.

In answer to your question, yes, owners do receive an email to say that a sitter has replied to the review they left. It looks like this: