Potential meetup in Chicago after Christmas

Hey all! I’ll be beginning a sit in Naperville ( chicago suburbs) on December 28 through January 9. If any other brave winter souls are in the area and want to meet up , it would be fun. Afterwards I’ll be staying in the city for 2 extra nights through the 11th. Give me a shout if you want to meet up.


We have a home in Ft Sheridan (on Lake Michigan, further north than Naperville) with two young Bengal boys. How could anyone not want to reach out to someone with a name like “Catgoddess”?! :heart_eyes_cat:

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Bengals are really unique and beautifully kitties. In 2019 i was in Quebec city and went into a Cat Tea cafe, she had several Bengals who just roamed around. However while in Naperville I’ll be on a sit with a miniature poodle named Billy.

I would love to know more about you. Bengals are a little higher maintenance than most cats because they are super smart and therefore always learning new ways to be tricksters. They are accostumed to human company so they tend to follow us from room to room. They sleep with us. We are expecting words to come out of their mouths, any day now. They are, simply, a little out of the box (no pun intended), so better to have someone comfortable with that. They are two half brothers that are 21 months old. Assuming that there is a good fit and you have any interest then let’s talk further. I have two possibilities in mind. One is to open a dialogue for future visits. The second is to include a stay immediately before or after your trip to Naperville since you will be fairly close anyway. Thanks. Jo-Anne

Hi @joannewarrilow @Catgoddess_99 … it souinds as though you may have a great meetup opportunity, hopefully there will be others able to join and if you want to continue your one to one Bengal discussion, they are amazing cats I’ve sat a few … anyway the Direct Message option is the best way to continue the conversation …

Hi, Angela. Thanks! I am looking for Bengal experienced people. They are so adorable but I consider them high maintenance. Where are you? Thanks for the tips. I haven’t been on this site in a while and I love the Forum but am new to it.

I Only have a two day gap after my sit, then staying in the city for two night’s before heading to Minneapolis to see family, then onto Toronto for a month ( 2 different sits) and then Scotland in March. At this point I’m booked almost to April. I’d still love to meet them though.

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