Pre Sit Covid Testing

Is it okay to ask a HO to test for Covid before the sitter arrives? I am a sitter and am very concerned about getting Covid . If I am staying in a home I need to feel secure about my safety in the home.

I’ve been asked to take a RAT test prior to starting a sit in July and I asked that they do too where we will be living in their home. Although THS has COVID guidelines for owners and sitters, who knows whether they are read! You can only ask and explain how you feel.

@Traveler99 it’s my personal opinion that any requirements/conditions - either by owner or sitter - regardless of the topic, should be discussed BEFORE confirming a sit. Owners and sitters are coming to an understanding of what each is requiring, BEFORE decision/confirming. I feel you should have discussed this with the owners BEFORE agreeing to the sit. This comment is not limited to any pandemic issues, but to all topics to be thoroughly discussed and agreed upon. Again we’re coming back to communication is key.