What measures have you brought in if you've travelled/pet sat during COVID?

Sitters: what questions have you asked the homeowners?

Homeowners: what have you expected of your sitters?

I’ve been invited back to Cape Town and I want to ensure I’m all set before I even book a flight. I’ve asked the homeowners what they would do if the South African borders while they were away (stay in Cyprus was the answer), but what else?

How have you managed the consideration that a positive test on arrival (via three flights) could mean quarantine? Have you had no handover?

Basically throw your thoughts at me on this one! I’ve not had to consider this as I’m currently on a six-month sit and there was no handover here, plus we were days COVID free by that stage.

Cheers, Zoe

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No special measures as sitters apart from following the guidelines of space, face, and hands.


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