What measures have you brought in if you've travelled/pet sat during COVID?

Sitters: what questions have you asked the homeowners?

Homeowners: what have you expected of your sitters?

I’ve been invited back to Cape Town and I want to ensure I’m all set before I even book a flight. I’ve asked the homeowners what they would do if the South African borders while they were away (stay in Cyprus was the answer), but what else?

How have you managed the consideration that a positive test on arrival (via three flights) could mean quarantine? Have you had no handover?

Basically throw your thoughts at me on this one! I’ve not had to consider this as I’m currently on a six-month sit and there was no handover here, plus we were days COVID free by that stage.

Cheers, Zoe

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The last sit we made was decided last february. The owner was planning to go to her second home to France, we are living in France. So during a few months, we called each other, Boris Johnson changing rules in GB all the time (border closed, uk immigration restrictions, quarantine…)
We were facing the same problems on the 2 sides of the Channel, except the owner told me she would need me anyway as if she could not go to France, she would travel in England. But on our side, what was the use of going to England if we were stuck in the home without any possibility to go to pubs, shopping, visiting ? I told her it would be safer for her to find somebody else english, scottish or welsh ! We decided to go in july, when we were sure quarantine was cancelled.
Quarantine was put again for french people in august but we were not concerned, as we were already in England.
Problem was with our sitters, in february too, once the pet sitting dates known, i had chosen a couple living in France. For sure they could come to Provence once the restrictions between regions had been cancelled, but I feared not to be able to go to England but nevertheless be obliged to welcome our own sitters…
Then it would have meant we had to rent some place in France as I did not want to cancel my sitters. I could need them and I’m not the type of person who would cancel them the last minute. Hopefully we all managed, but I’m scared the same problem happens in the future

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I realise i did not answer your question but told a story you probably did not expect…
To answer more accurately : as an owner i would never ask a test to sitters, when i see how it’s complicate to get the results here, Labs are overwhelmed as we can all get these tests for free in France
I don’t think i would ask either to bring and wear masks, i think sitters are adults. I would wait for them and if they don’t wear any, i would lend them some before they go to buy some.
If they are anxious about a potential quarantine, i would probably ask if they have family or friends who can welcome them in case they would have to stay in France for a longer period
We can welcome sitters whilst we are here for à few weeks, but not for months ! How can i know if they are cautious ? If they have a B plan ?
As a sitter for sure i’m anxious about the possibility of not being able to go back. That’s why i don 't want to fly, i prefer to use my car in order to be able to reach my home quickly. When à décision is taken by à country to shut borders, you have a few hours left…
I applied for a sit last week in Switzerland. I warned the owner my area had more cases, that we became red zone. She thanked me but took some sitter living in HER country (in june she had chosen me but i had declined as i learnt my dog had lung cancer and did not want to leave him…)
So yes we feel concerned. Without being panicked.

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No special measures as sitters apart from following the guidelines of space, face, and hands.