Printing Welcome Guide a Mess!

I find printing the welcome guide is a mess! No carriage returns show on the printout even though I have them in the online guide. I can’t even force the carriage returns through html addition of
code. (pretty sure by typing that code you will see a line break there between the word “of” and “code” as THIS forum does support mark up.)

Doesn’t matter if portrait of landscape, but it makes longer sections pretty hard to read. Any advice or remedy? I’m on a Mac, system 10.13 (old!)

Yep-- I typed left carrot br right carrot to force that line break above. But it doesn’t work on the welcome guide.

Nope, it’s the worst. Not designed for printing unfortunately so I keep it fairly simple. I have a separate word doc I print and I try to remember to copy edits between the two. I encourage sitters to consult my printed book vs THS once they arrive.

I find using google docs and sheets to be much easier to update and share. I don’t use the welcome guide at all save to collect inspiration of what to make sure to include for my external guide(s).

Being able to quickly and easily print a Welcome Guide - both by the PP and sitter NEEDS to be available for clarity and for the safety and security of people and pets.

Hey, THS, how about it? Surely this can’t be a major programming issue? (If it is, you need new programmers!)

I imagine it’s not a big technical challenge to fix this. Rather, they’re probably prioritizing things that can better help increase membership and retention. If so, the welcome guide would be low priority and hosts would be better off meanwhile just using Google docs or another tool to share their welcome guide. For instance, videoing might be useful for hosts to show or explain some things, especially if they don’t overlap with their sitters.

Personally, as a sitter, I never try to print. I just do screen grabs and put them in the same digital folder where I store all travel info for a sit. And that’s in the cloud, so I can access it from various devices, even on the go.

I hear y’all. Printing from the website is not very practical. Copying and pasting to another format is feasible but a hassle! But I hate doing tasks twice for the same result! Even allowing html markup on the guide could cure some of the issues.

See how nicely the line breaks appear here. Even without markup… oh well.

Where do I request this feature?