Private Dates

I have invited the sitters who have just left us to sit for us again, and have given them 2 dates for next year. However the dates are showing on my profile, does that mean that I have made a mistake and everyone can see them?

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Hi @Sallyann
If you go to your dashboard … view listing, you will see there are no dates displayed on your actual listing. (currently no sitters needed).
The dates do display under your Manage Dates as live, however, under the sitters inbox, they are displayed as private dates. The sitters now need to Accept these dates and their names will then appear under your dates as confirmed sitters.
I hope this helps clarify a little better.
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Thank you. The problem is the sitters I asked privately cannot do the dates. So how do I make the dates public? It is the 4th May to 16th May which I need as public.

Hi @Sallyann I see you have managed to do this now. Wonderful.
Best wishes

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Thanks for your email. I couldn’t work how to do it so I cancelled the dates and then added them as new ones. I have already had an application from a very suitable sitter.


For the next time, you could follow these steps which may help. (on our desktop site):

  1. Log in with your email address and password
  2. Depending on what device you are using either click your name or the three lines in the top right corner
  3. Select ‘Inbox’
  4. Locate and click into the conversation of a sitter to who you have sent the private invite (ensure that this invitation has not been declined by the sitter)
  5. In the blue box at the top click the pink ‘Manage private dates’ button
  6. Here you will see an option to mark your dates as public by clicking the ‘Publish your dates here’ button
    Best Wishes
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