Private Dates - display on dashboard

I have requested a sitter, to sit for me again via private dates.
On my dashboard, under dates, I have “Live”, “the dates” with “1 application received”.

I think the sitter has confirmed, (he has agreed to the sit), I was expecting to see “sit confirmed” rather than “1 application received”?

@Wavingfish I had to do a lot of digging to find out how to accept a private invitation, it’s not intuitive.
This is what I found out . For a private invitation there are four stages to confirm the sit on the THS platform

  1. Homeowner invites sitter
  2. Sitter applies
  3. Homeowner confirms
  4. Sitter agrees

Hope this helps you.

That’s right, I do this a lot when people ask me to do repeat sits.

@Wavingfish @Silversitters always check out the Help Page (saves a LOT of digging @Silversitters) the answers to most FAQ are there and if not Frankie (Mr Bot) can help …

@Angela_L that’s the article I read when looking for the answer. It only tells you how to invite with private dates but not how to confirm the sit …which is what @Wavingfish is having difficulty with ….

As a suggestion it would be helpful if that article could be expanded to explain that there are three further steps after the invitation that need to take place to confirm the sit ….

It’s not just @Wavingfish who has had difficulty in understanding the process, I have had to explain it to three homeowners this year who could not work out how to do it …

BTW I also asked Frankie who said they didn’t understand the question.


Thanks @Silversitters I will ask our team to update this help info with this detail.
Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

THere is no further option.
Looking at my in basket from that sitter it states “booking confirmed”.
The display on my dashboard still reads “1 application received”.

Maybe its broken?

I do understand the difference between Private and Public dates. I don’t want to change them.

The bot doesn’t understand the problem and quite frankly is frustrating to use. How do I report the issue I’m experiencing, as there is no email address?

Hi @Wavingfish
If you go to the top of your inbox of the sitter you confirmed, next to the date, there is a notice that the sitter’s acceptance is still pending. The sitter will need to go into their inbox, and accept your confirmation for it to be a confirmed sit that appears on your dashboard.

I would send him a message to his phone to do this, so he does not miss your message.

Why does it state lower down on the same screen - “sit agreed dates” - confusing.

There was an outstanding message for him to respond to, this has now been done. display now as I expect it.
BUT now I have a message in the app “Let other applicants know” - these were private dates! I shouldn’t get that message.

Hi @Wavingfish
I am so pleased that your sitter is now officially confirmed on the website.

I am not sure about the message received on your App. If you can take a screenshot and send it to support@membership services, they can then investigate that further.