Private dates deletion

My sitter has unavoidably cancelled with 10 days to go. How do I get rid of the words Private dates on my listing so that everyone can see it. Getting urgent! Thanks for any advice.

Hello @Squirrelsdig - can you not just alter the title to change it? If not, you can email support for help. Mark the email URGENT, you can add your profile here for help/input from other members. Also, THS will add it to their social media and forum last minute sits if it’s within a week so that’s worth doing too.

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This article should help explain what you need to do to Change the invitation from private to public .

Looks like it can’t be done on the app only the desktop site .

All the best in finding a sitter .

Thank you all solved AND I now have a sitter!


@Squirrelsdig that’s fantastic news! :clap:t2:

Thanks Samo. It is - she will be amazing.

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