Cancelling dates, does my sit info stay??

Hi all,

If I delete my current ‘live dates’ so I won’t have any dates currently active, will all the information about our home/pets remain logged on our profile, ready to upload for the next time? Or does everything get deletd and have to start from scratch (eg- should I copy and paste it all to word first before deleting?)


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Hi @NikkiG you wont have to copy and paste anything your listing will remain just as it is the only changes will be the dates.

If you have any questions at all please either ask our community on the forum or for speed go to the Help Centre on the website …

Took a peak at your listing and it looks fabulous. Would so apply if I were still in the UK.
all the best.

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Hi @NikkiG I have sent you a Direct Message please check your in box. Thank you.