No dates, listing not online. Why are others online without current dates?

I had to cancel and therefore delete my dates in December. I was wondering why other listings are online even if they have no current dates and mine is not.
It would be nice if the listing could be seen by sitters for saving.

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Hi @Düsenzofe , this question was asked in the past. I did a quick search but didn’t see the answer. I seem to remember that your home does not appear under “Sits in ___ without current dates” until 30 days has passed since your last posted sit was completed. Not positive the number is 30, but your listing (not your membership)has to be inactive for a certain period before it will appear without dates.

Ah, thank you! So I guess they count my canceled sit and not the one which happened and was completed in September.
Makes sense, because otherwise people could list dates, cancel them and attract sitters all the time without actually offering any sit but stay visible until they need a sitter. This would give them an advantage over others.