Proof of Funds for international travel?

I have just received an email from THS entitled, “Important Information About Your Upcoming International Sit”. Under, “Your Travel Checklist”, I’m told I’ll need “Proof of funds for the duration of your trip”. I’m traveling from the US to France on Sunday and wonder how does one provide such information and what documents are required? Can anyone help, please??


I live in the USA and I have a scheduled sit in the UK but I did not receive such an e-mail. If I do receive one I guess I’ll just show proof of my ticket.

Hi @lmhale - If, on entering a country, immigration officers are suspicious in any way, they are within their rights to ask for proof that you can fund yourself for the trip. They will want to see your bank account details.

Most people nowadays have that information on their phones. If you don’t then it is wise to carry a paper copy.

Hello, @lmhale I want to second what @Colin said and give an example. My husband is from the USA and when we went to Ireland for three months they asked him to show a bank statement for proof of funds to support such a long trip. In my case as soon as they see you have adequate funds they were fine.


Hi @lmhale you can also get information from official Gov websites on travel related matters … you’ve had some great first hand information from members and Mods which answers your question, thank you for asking.

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