Proposed Sits for Future Stays

My husband and I are considering traveling to Hawaii for the Christmas holidays. I dont see any way to let potential pet owners know that we are looking for a pet sit around that timeframe.
I know that this is a difficult time to find sitters, so I was looking for a way to let HO’s know that we may be available.
I did make several homes favorites to get notified if something opens up. If there is a better way to communicate this information, please let me know.

The only way to really get in front of homeowners of a particular location is changing your location to theirs, and any of them searching proactively for sitters may come across your profile, where you have expressed interest in coming there for a particular period. Then they could invite you to apply.

Favoriting is always a good idea, especially for your desired trip. I suspect a housesit in Hawaii over Christmas will get lots of interest.


I was just offered a long sit in Hawaii, for which I didn’t apply. I think I got on the HO’s radar by favoriting their sit.


Following a HO’s profile is the best way, I feel, for finding the perfect sit. Once you have found a sit of interest and saved it, you will receive notification if another sit is available for them. It may not be the timeframe you are wanting, but you never know.

Otherwise, just keep putting in the dates and area of interest and hopefully something will pop up there.