Question from Maine, USA

Hello Everyone! I’m new here and have a question regarding how home owners and sitters connect.

Is it possible for the home owner to reach out to specific house sitters in their area to see if they are available and or interested in house sitting?

Or is it only up to the house sitters to reach out to the home owners in need of a sitter?
Thank you in advance!

All the best from snowy Maine. (:

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You can invite sitters.

Hello, @Jennylanne from snowy Maine. A very warm welcome to the community forum it is great that you are here and reaching out to find answers to your housesitting questions. You can use the spyglass and search for answers to your questions and members will also comment on your questions and help answer them.

There is a help desk article that might help answer your question:

There is also a forum thread from the owner’s perspective that will help answer your question:

If you have any more questions then just let us know.
Best wishes Carla

Thank you.

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