Question Of The Week - Mobile or Static, App or Desktop?

Welcome to a new week and a new question, simple one this Monday … which is your preferred way for staying connected to TrustedHousesitters, the App or Laptop? … and tell us why.

Also share the one feature you like and one you would like to see added

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We use both in conjunction with each other.

The app is easier to have on you all the time, and to casually browse listings. But it is much easier to apply for a sit and look at more details using the desktop web interface.

The saved search notifications on the app are a godsend - especially for the times when finding a housesit is harder and you need to be on the ball!

One feature I would like added is a “Draw Search on Map” feature - similar to RightMove. Another is a better review system - something more akin to AirBnB where reviews are private until both have left review (also possibly ability to leave private reviews that only homeowner can see)


I use both, but mostly desktop.
At my age, and with glasses and fat fingers I find the app quite difficult to read sometimes, or manoeuvre/navigate between pages.
There are a couple of things on the app which are not on the desktop so I use both when checking out a sit - all previous sitters including those who didn’t leave feedback - a bit of an alert for me if a sit has a number of sitters who didn’t leave any feedback.
The app is good for alerts for saved sits when it works…
Most of my sits are in SE Asia when I can travel. I tend to stick to 6 countries based around and including Singapore, so it would be good if the number of saved searches could be increased from 3, or possibly allow more than one country - eg Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam in one search.


I use both, but mostly use the website with my iPad. For whatever reason, it seems you can’t see some of the reviews left by sitters on the app. But you can see sitters who did not leave reviews that don’t show up on the website. On the website, when I try to apply for a new sit from homeowners who I had previously applied to months ago, it pulls up my old application and does not let me change it. I have to apply for those through the app, which lets me start fresh. I would like to have more saved searches allowed or the ability to combine several areas into one saved search. I also like the idea of being able to draw your search on a map. I would like to see the review reminder emails return once you finish a sit. This seems to no longer be functioning.


I use mostly my Pc to answer a post on the forum as on my mobile my keyword is in french and everytime I type an english word, they suggest french words instead ! This explains I’m obliged to make corrections.

If I want to see new proposals I may use my mobile (early in bed for example or when I’m insomniac) : I’m careful with my puppy who had broken the screen of my PC jumping on it…

But it depends if I want to react or just read : It’s much easier to load pictures from my PC than from my cell phone. There are many more on my PC
IMG_6565 (2014_08_14 16_42_04 UTC)

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The App didn’t work for me at all when I tried it. I have to admit though, it’s been a while. I prefer accessing THS from my Mac. I will try the App again, I promise.

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Thank you for the topic @Angela-CommunityManager !

We tend to default to the desktop/browser app because it’s a bit more seamless to use (easier to see on a larger screen, a bit more intuitively designed, and faster). Also, as @ChrisAndSuzeGoWalkies mentioned, it’s easier to apply for a sit via the browser instance.

The app though is great to have on hand when on the move, so we can have another look at the Welcome Guide before arriving, check messages when away from our laptop, or get critical information from the Welcome guide in a ‘sticky’ situation (like a code for a gate or emergency contact information).

We’d love it if the app was a bit faster to load, if applying to sits was a bit easier by allowing ‘saved text’ that we could use (examples: a greeting, a signature, a paragraph that describes ourselves), and the ability to copy text in the app (so we could copy an address and search for it in Google Maps or copy a WiFi password).

That said, we know the THS team works hard to create a beautiful site that opens an entire world of adorable pets and an amazing community of people to us, so thank you for everything you all do! :slight_smile: