Radio silence from confirmed sitter

This is my first time using THS. I booked and confirmed a sitter for 4-7 April. Had lots of communications but didn’t get a phone number. Everything confirmed including time of arrival.
I’ve been trying to contact her through THS but none of my messages have been read.
What can I do as it’s in less than 2 weeks?

Welcome @Hetts1965 , you can contact membership services and ask them to contact her, and ask her to contact you…just explain it exactly as you have done here:


Hi @Hetts1965
Not very helpful for this sit but in future do a pre confirm video or phone chat. I use whatsapp and therefore get a phone number from a home owner. This way I have 2 ways to correspond with homeowners.
Hopefully Trusted support can track the sitter down for you.


Welcome @Hetts1965 the THS inbox can be unreliable so it’s quite possible that your sitter is not aware of the messages that you have sent them .

@botvot has given you good advice- member services will have alternative e-mail and telephone number and will try to contact the sitter on your behalf .

Please report back to the forum to let us know if member services have been able to contact the sitter for you .


Thank you that’s really helpful

Thank you. I have done for other ones I’ve booked. I didn’t realise at the time of confirming that it was necessary!

Thanks, that’s what I’ve done now

It shouldn’t be necessary but I think it’s good for both parties.
Anyway as said I hope you hear something from your sitter soon.

@Hetts1965 what was the outcome ?

They contacted me in Wednesday, they’d been on a digital detox for a week! All sorted thank you

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