Record-breaking sits

@UKSitter yes, you are breaking a record here…one I am afraid I would never try to tie with you…wish I didn’t have such a fear!

Sounds like the HOs were lucky to find you. Not a sit I’d be doing. Would love to see some photos. Had to look up what a conure is


I’m conscious of owners privacy so I’ll just post up a few that are on their public ad. We have just under a week to go and we will miss all the pets!

Opal the gecko


One of the corn snakes

Reptile Room


What beautiful animals…but you are better than me as I would not be able to care for a snake. I’m not sure why I have such a phobia but they just scare me. Maybe because I lived on a farm when I was young and they were always in the barn. It made me afraid to go in there. Now we back up to the woods and occasionally I will find one in the back yard. I screech like a little kid! LOL

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@UKSitter I love geckos… look at that face! :lizard::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush:


Wow! You’re a super hero ! That’s crazy :flushed: and just yourself? You must have a great deal of energy, i certainly admire that. The most I’ve ever done ( and not a THS sit) was a volunteer gig in Akumal Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula. I took care of 45 street dogs at a sanctuary started by s Scottish gentlemen. To be honest it was overwhelming and very dysfunctional. He didn’t have secure gating and enclosures and some would get out. Then, he had 3 pups in the house which had it’s issues. Unfortunately one of them got out on the roof and fell and died, needless to say I was devastated so called his partner who had to step in. It was way too much responsibility for a volunteer gig and to be honest i was a bit over my head. I loved them, yet it was too unorganized. A huge learning experience for me.

I absolutely love love Donekys :heart:

I think for lots of people it’s the way they move! haha it’s very unique

My wife and I are on the housesit so there’s 2 pairs of hands to look after everyone :slight_smile: I definitely admire you taking on 45 dogs, I’m not sure I could handle that. We live and learn though and every experience is valuable!