Rejoining TH - DC Metro

Hello all! We were members for several years before the pandemic; we’re finally starting to dip our toes back into travelling in the wild world of COVID-19. Glad to be back here, have generally had terrific experiences with our sitters. (If anyone wants to stay in the DC area over Christmas, check out our listing!)


Hi @btinternetDC a very warm welcome to our community forum and a big welcome back to TrustedHousesitters, it’s so good to have you join us from DC. It’s so encouraging to hear that the world of travel is back in your life.

It’s been a long hiatus but has given many the opportunity to plan ahead and look to exploring more and possibly different travel options, although reconnecting with family and friends is top of many member’s travel wish list.

The forum has appeared while you’ve been away but only since April of this year, we hope you’ll enjoy being part of our helpful and supportive community and being long time members we look forward to sharing in some of your experiences.

Welcome again

Angela & The Team

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Sitters cannot access your listing from the forum.

Hi @Katie I’m sure @btinternetDC meant via the site by searching DC, as there was no link included in their post and thank you for raising the point…

Welcome back, btinternetDC. I split my time between DC and Chapel Hill when not sitting. Last summer and this fall have been great for US sits. Been able to be almost a full-time sitter since April although I’ve built time at home into my schedule.
Strung a pair of sits together this month - a week in Ft Worth with a flat coat, 2 bernedoodles and 2 cats and now in the San Juan Islands with a pair of small dogs.
Maybe we can get together when I’m back in DC in a few weeks if you aren’t sitting

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