Remove applications from profile?

Hello everyone, I have just returned from my first holiday after leaving fur-baby and home in the care of THS. Success!
My question though is this:
Is it possible to remove applications from my profile??
Reason: I have listed 3 sets of holiday dates - October, February and April. We accepted an application from a couple (I shall refer to them as A)who like to visit our area regularly to visit family for all 3 dates. Perfect. But 2 weeks short of our October dates A cancelled via private whatsapp message. A did not delete/remove their own application so I had to mark it as ‘Declined’ on the website to re-open the dates to sitters.
I then received an application from B, again for all 3 dates as they are a student at local University needing respite from student accommodation and pet-time. B then decided to cancel membership to THS and although B’s application shows up on my profile as “inactive for now” it still shows as an application.
Yesterday I contacted applicant C to ask if they were still interested and available and they have declined. Fair enough but in C’s message they write “I can see you have other applicants” but as per the explanation above, I don’t actually have other applications for the dates.
So I am now concerned that future prospective sitters may see that I have 3 applications for these dates which may put them off applying so can they be removed??

Kind regards,


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Hi Mary,

Welcome to our community forum and welcome back from your first vacation and to a happy fur-baby who I’m sure had as great a vacation as you did and probably didn’t realise you had been away until your returned.

Thank you @Provence for helping it’s always good to see members helping members and I will support what Provence has said Mary, having three applications will not deter other sitters from applying so please don’t let that concern you.

Thank you again for joining the forum and we look forward to sharing in your THS journey … where did you go and what fur-baby was waiting for you at home?

Angela and the Team

Hello, thank you for your reply.
I am, however, still a bit confused. Provence has suggested to change my dates - is this just a matter of re-selecting the same dates or a change of actual dates to day before/after??

thank you for taking the time to respond. I will go back and have a deeper look at the FAQ’s - I was probably asking the wrong question!
Kind regards, Mary

PS: We were fortunate enough to get to Spain and, yes, Indianna Jones Snoozer Extreme of the canine type didn’t even care that we had gone!

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Hello again, thanks for the extra response. I think I understand it now. Kind regards.

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