Rockies in Summer, Texas in Winter

Greetings Fellow Pet Lovers and Nomads!

Ending another fantastic year of Loving Pets and Living Life. No time for Negative Nattering Nabobs. Enjoy company with curious canines, and fabulous felines.

Heat Texas drives me into The Rocky Mountains in June until Thanksgiving. Wake up with a furry companion and live every day with a hike on a treadmill or on a trail, and go to bed with a clear conscious. Leave homes clean and pets happy. Almost Fifty Owners Delighted! Looking forward to 50 more!


HI @Samson and welcome to our community forum … we love your positive take on 2020, “curious canines and fabulous felines” will do that for anyone!!

Congratulations on 50 delighted owners you must have some amazing stories and photos too, we cannot wait to get to hear more about your TrustedHousesitters adventures, the Rockies sounds like the perfect spot for the summer … is it back to Texas for Thanksgiving?

Thank you for joining the conversation, we hope you enjoy the company and can’t wait to get to know you better.

Have an amazing day,

Angela & #TeamTrusted

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