Round the world in 90 days

Our next adventure has taken a huge leap forward this afternoon. We got accepted for a sit in Auckland over Christmas and New Year. I think we are both wandering around dazed and bemused, you know when you dream but never think it will really happen! Now we have a sit to work round here’s the plan - a 90 day trip round the world, pet sitting as we go. It has to be 90 days as travel/health insurance has become so expensive for longer trips for our age group. We are spending a month in North Island and a month in South Island, New Zealand. That leaves two weeks to get there and two weeks to return.
Places to stop and see, suggestions please?
Hawaii, Mumbia, Singapore and San Francisco are the four places which we have already chosen. A couple of days in each.
Any suggestion and why would be gratefully received. We like exploring different cultures, tasting different foods, meeting diverse people but then again don’t we all!


@ElsieDownie Congrats, that’s amazing!! We cannot wait for this RTW trip itinerary to unfold … I bet you didn’t think you would have a few (or more) virtual tag alongs!! :clap: :wink: :star:


Next Edition: Elsie Downie??


One thing to look into is Fiji Airlines offered a layover in Fiji with their flights. It might be worth a few days there!
We’re on the 8 month round the globe tour starting from the US, sits in Europe, now sits in New Zealand, and back through the US on our way back to Europe.

Dan and Nan


Have you a blog you can share, please?

It sounds like a lovely winter…:blush:well done!.
We’ve looked at New Zealand afew times but not got there yet & I reckon we’ll be looking at around 90 day insurance by the time we do!
Are you flying from the uk?
I dont know whether Malaysian Airlines do NZ flights but we liked them & have had free transfers on stopovers with them in the past
We had a week in Sarawak once and also.stops in Penang, Langkawi & Bali.
If you were in Asia i dont know how much flights are there at the moment but ive heard there’s really good deals on accommodation in Vietnam & Cambodia.
I’d be with danandan & certainly tempted to see Fiji or other South Pacific places while there. I definitely fancy The Cook Islands or Tonga or Samoa.
Another route we looked at from New Zealand was Chile, via Easter Island. Chile itself could be expensive though.
I’ve not been to Mumbai but loved other parts of India.
Enjoy planning.

I haven’t ever blogged. Just an occasional post on my facebook page to let friends and family know where we’re at and what we’re doing. I don’t know much about setting up a blog.

Hi Gina
Yes, we are starting and finishing in Heathrow. Using British Airways tool called One World and having great fun planing fantasy routes. Think we have it sorted going out -

then maybe a quick trip to Cairns to dive the Barrier Reef. But we are not too sure if to do that this time or wait for our three months in Australia some other winter.

New Zealand.

That’s as far as we have got. There is so many delicious places on the way back - Tahiti, Honolulu, Mexico City, San Francisco and of course New York where we have been many times but still love going there. You have added another couple to think about.

Oh dear, choices, choices, choices.


We keep a blog/diary for friends and family but mostly for us to keep track of where, when and how. I have this terrible nightmare of being in my dotage and not remembering any of the wonderful places we have visited.


I like that idea. What do you use for a blog?

OK, so im a bit jealous… :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth::laughing::grin:.

It really sounds like they’re nice stopping points on the way there and splitting everything up nicely.
I like the sound of Istanbul to Jordan.
It’s funny we’ve just become interested in the Middle East too and have a week to Egypt booked.

India is a lovely country, though we didn’t go to Mumbai. There is the Delhi, Agra, Jaipur area too, but it could take up time.

Love the end bit too…

Have you read lauren juliffs blog?
She’s based in Australia now but was previously in NZ. You can google it.

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A couple Hawaii suggestions for you- it’s a great place to stop over on your way to New Zealand!

A suggested flight route would be LGW to SEA (Seattle) on iceland air (one of my favorite routes without difficult layovers and a good airline overall) It’s a bit shorter as it flies over the top of the globe rather than around the middle. Then from Seattle you could either take a direct flight to Kauai (the best Hawaiian island in my opinion- don’t miss it!) or go to San Francisco and then direct to Hawaii. Hawaii offers good flights to NZ as well.

Visiting Hawaii-
Hawaiian island are distinct islands and airfare between islands can be expensive, so you need to decide which islands you want to see- I realize it may be based on sit availability :). Hawaii is a wonderful place to visit as it is unlike anywhere else on earth. Kauai and The Big Island (Hawaii island) are my favorites. I tend to avoid Oahu (the island with Honolulu) as it’s a big city that is not a pretty city in my opinion. But if big cities, asian food, and shopping are your thing then don’t miss Honolulu. Let me know if you want any other Hawaii suggestions and CONGRATULATIONS!!! It sounds like a wonderful trip!

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Hi @ElsieDownie What a lovely trip you are plotting! Re- Mumbai- a place we love and have visited many times…I can highly recomend staying in the Colaba area- and going on a boat trip to Elephant Island- a lovely day out. Also the typical tourist spots- Gateway of India and, for us, Leopolds Cafe!
Leopolds was made famous by the incredible book ‘Shantaram’ by Gregory David Roberts.
Very highly recommended read- one of my favourite books ever!

Edit…I started writing this message to you back in May when you wrote about your 90 day trip…and then I lost it!! It just popped up again now! So I’ve just finished and going to post now! Better late than never- happy travels!!:sunglasses:

IcelandAir has something similar, I think.

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They do. We stopped n Reykjavik for a few days last year on our way to the UK.

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