San Miguel de Allende -- anyone there in mid April, 2022?

We are going on our “dream sit” in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in mid April and I’m wondering if any other sitters will be there around the same time. We’d love to meet other sitters who might be there.
Also, if you’ve sat there before and have any tips for us, we’d love to hear them. I went there once when I was in high school, but that was a very long time ago! I’m excited to go back – and excited that we’ll get to experience Semana Santa there.

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I’ve done a sit in San Miguel and would go back in a heartbeat. I have quite a few sits favourited for there.

I was in the San Antonio area, which is in El Centro. I lived a quiet life, but the list of things to do is endless. I discovered the Parque Benito Juarez and found it’s a lovely place to spend some time in nature but also people watch. I enjoyed Mercado Sano for a healthy food store option, a little ‘Whole Foods’ style perhaps, but still worth visiting and they sell some great take-out food. Next to it is a quirky little movie theatre - maybe 30 seats and I saw the ‘On the Basis of S-e-x’ (unacceptable word on Discourse) movie about Ruth Bader Ginsberg, which as a Canadian I knew little about.

As you can see, I tend to live a simple life on sits. Of course I went to the Paroquia many times, and was a regular at the ice cream stand. I also volunteered at the church each Wednesday, where free meals are served to the poor. It was a wonderful experience, with most of the volunteers being Americans and Canadians and they welcomed me. I then supported the local spa that gave 20% of their revenue to fund that lunch. I enjoyed a wonderful pampering of a spa treatment, telling myself that I was supporting a good cause - me and the church luncheon. :wink:

There are excellent shuttle services from the airport at reasonable prices. You book them online in advance. Avoid the Paroquia area on weekends, and given you’re in Semana Santa, it may be crazy any day of the week. :scream:

I have so many fond memories and look forward to returning, hopefully next winter. Enjoy :sunglasses:


I am in San Miguel de Allende right now doing my second sit. Unfortunately, I´ll be leaving tomorrow.

The best way to meet other people (maybe sitters too), join upcoming events as well as enquire about any info your heart desires is to join San Miguel de Allende Newcomers, Expats & Friends Facebook group (San Miguel de Allende Newcomers, Expats & Friends)

Thank you, @Snowbird, for your reply. I, too, live a simple life on sits and I love the idea of volunteering AND the spa! Thank you again!

Thank you, @RadarInc, I will certainly join the FB group. I’m sorry to have missed you. Safe travels!

Hello @sledgejoyce and congrats on getting your dream sit! We spent almost 8 months in SMA on the same sit, over 3 visits in 2017/18, experiencing all seasons but we did miss Easter. If Christmas is a gauge you’ll have a fabulous time!

It’s a very easy place to meet other sitters or local expats, especially if you head to the local hangouts which I’m sure your owners will tell you about. I think you’ll be surprised by the changes as I think we would even returning now, as it’s growing in size I hear!

Some of our favourites included the Botanical Gardens (Charco del Ingenio), and we just loved shopping at the local markets (Tianguis). On Tuesdays there is a huge market where you can mingle with the locals, eat excellent tacos and do your shopping for a fraction of the price of the supermarkets. Wandering the streets and taking in the vibe in the centre early evening is a must, and don’t forget to head to the view point for a look across the city. If you can get transport, take a trip to Mineral de Pozos, a old mining town full of history and very authentic. I could go on and on … but I’ll stop there. If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to message me!

Please share some pix in our Travel Category once you are in situ and have a fab time!!


Agree @Snowbird Best ice cream ever!! And the choices … so many!!