Sarah and Tony from Lincolnshire, UK

Good afternoon everyone we have been members for a few years now and have enjoyed inviting people into our home we have two jack Russell dogs, poppy and Percy and two cats Lilly and monty and 6 chickens,we live on a working arable farm, on the edge of a nature reserve with lots of lovely walks. We have never had a problem of getting a sitters but for some reason we have had no one apply for any of are 3 sits we have put out there !!! .


Please take a look at the ‘Where have all the sitters gone’ thread and it may help.

Hi @Vinessarah and welcome to the THS Forum. Please see this post by the THS admins discussing the current imbalance between sits and sitters.

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Hi Sarah and Tony! My husband and I are newbies to THS and have just signed up for the community forum. Oddly enough your post was the first one that came up for me. I say, “Oddly enough”, because when I first set up our profile, Lincolnshire was the first search I did. :slight_smile: May I ask when you’re looking for a sitter? How long will you be away? Is there a specific way to find your sit so that we can read about it? Haven’t quite figured everything out yet! We have had plans to come back to Lincolnshire since 2020 when the whole world stopped. We are now planning to come back soon! We have some dear friends that live in Cherry Willingham and we love Lincoln! We also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all animals and have never met one we haven’t fallen in love with… and perhaps we could meet yours. I look forward to hearing from you! They say all things happen for a reason. Perhaps the reason was for us to find each other. :relaxed:

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Good morning, was lovely to receive your message we have dates for the end of June for a week at the moment we maybe have a sit for September for 2 weeks but we are taking to some one on Tuesday about that one , as for finding my listing I am not sure I could look for you and send you a request hope that helps.
Many thanks sarah.

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@Vinessarah and @SunshineNCoastlines Just a reminder that you can direct message each other, so that you can have extended conversations, away from them being public here.

Just click on the person’s username and then click on the green bar with ‘message’ written on it. Enjoy your chatting with each other. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Vinessarah, I’ve just found your listing as I look for sits in Lincolnshire but close to Horncastle. I can see you’ve had past sitters pre-pandemic. You might not realise that one of the main red flags for sitters is no internal photos of the house. As a result of this, new members must include photos of the sitters’ bedroom and bathroom plus kitchen and living area to be included too. I strongly suggest you do this. Also, you provide very little information about your home and attractions in the area and are not specific in responsibilities for your JR pups, cats and chickens. By adding more information, hopefully you will attract sitters to your part of Lincolnshire.