Saved Search Notification Basic vs Standard

I continue to wait for support to address my issue. I continue to have all settings correct, and do not receive push notifications of my saved search (just one) on my phone. I continue to need to manually search in a competitive city for my upcoming trip. I have submitted about 8 support tickets, and unnecessarily upgraded my membership. Could the moderators please step in to help me reach a solution with the support team?

Hi @tortimom I’m sorry about the delay the team were on a three day company wide conference last week we did put a notice here on the forum and they were prioritizing urgent matters.

I will tag @Therese-Moderator who will pick this up when she is back online on Monday.

Once again we do apologize and thank you for your patience.

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Thank you very much @Angela-HeadOfCommunity . I appreciate the help.

Hello @tortimom and just want to apologize for not answering sooner, but I think others have jumped in while I’ve been away at the THS in-person work event. Your settings all look good as you say and this has now been passed to the team for further investigation so you should get feedback soon. All the best

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Hi @tortimom I do apologize for the late reply. I am looking into this for you and will email you shortly from membership services, so we can help you.
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Hello, I’m sorry for using an old thread, but I have the exact same issue as described here. The only difference is that I’m using an Android phone. I receive all the other notifications but I’ve never received a notification based on my saved searches.

In the meantime, I also reinstalled my phone and it doesn’t work on a fresh install either. Moreover, my partner is logged in to our account on her phone and she also hasn’t received any notification regarding a saved search yet.

Can you please help us solve this issue?

I wanted to confirm that you need to create the saved search on the App in order to receive notifications on your phone. Saved searches created on the website will create a daily email alert.
I will also DM you regarding your personal searches.
Kind regards