Saved Search Notification Basic vs Standard

I continue to wait for support to address my issue. I continue to have all settings correct, and do not receive push notifications of my saved search (just one) on my phone. I continue to need to manually search in a competitive city for my upcoming trip. I have submitted about 8 support tickets, and unnecessarily upgraded my membership. Could the moderators please step in to help me reach a solution with the support team?

Hi @tortimom I’m sorry about the delay the team were on a three day company wide conference last week we did put a notice here on the forum and they were prioritizing urgent matters.

I will tag @Therese-Moderator who will pick this up when she is back online on Monday.

Once again we do apologize and thank you for your patience.

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Thank you very much @Angela-HeadOfCommunity . I appreciate the help.

Hello @tortimom and just want to apologize for not answering sooner, but I think others have jumped in while I’ve been away at the THS in-person work event. Your settings all look good as you say and this has now been passed to the team for further investigation so you should get feedback soon. All the best

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Hi @tortimom I do apologize for the late reply. I am looking into this for you and will email you shortly from membership services, so we can help you.
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Hello, I’m sorry for using an old thread, but I have the exact same issue as described here. The only difference is that I’m using an Android phone. I receive all the other notifications but I’ve never received a notification based on my saved searches.

In the meantime, I also reinstalled my phone and it doesn’t work on a fresh install either. Moreover, my partner is logged in to our account on her phone and she also hasn’t received any notification regarding a saved search yet.

Can you please help us solve this issue?

I wanted to confirm that you need to create the saved search on the App in order to receive notifications on your phone. Saved searches created on the website will create a daily email alert.
I will also DM you regarding your personal searches.
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I’ve asked this question before and just had another go around and still can’t find my saved searches on the site. I do get emails when sits are listed in places that I’ve saved but now I’d like to delete some of my saved searches. I have followed the directions on the website but can’t locate where to find “your saved searches”. I’ve also tried on the app with no luck either. Help!

It is easy to find although not very intuitive. Pretend you are about to search for current sit listings. Click on the the “Find a Sit” button. At the top, there is a drop down “carrot” marked Saved Searches.

@Globetrotter This article shows how to amend or delete saved searches. I know that’s not your question, but my logic is you have to find them to do either of those things, so I hope it serves the purpose. :wink:

If you have any issues from thereon in please let me know and I’ll do my best to help.

Volunteer moderator :canada:

Thanks but I do not see that drop down menu at all.

Thanks Snowbird but those were the directions I’ve tried three times now. When I click on “Find a House Sit” there is no drop down menu as PVGemini described. This is the screenshot of what I see - I see nothing about saved searches. I consider myself computer savvy but this has me baffled!

As far as I can see, you have no saved searches. How about setting up another one and see if it shows up there? Be sure to set it up on the website.

Mine looks like this. (I have to click on View All to see them though).

If you have no saved searches, it will look like your screenshot.

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Yes, mine looks the same as @Kelownagurl and I click the down arrow next to ‘view all’ and they display.

Going back and reading your initial question here today, I’m wondering if you’re thinking of listings you’ve favourited, rather than saved searches. Given what you’ve explained, that seems more like it to me. Maybe look at your favourites list and that might clarify things for you.

On the top toolbar, click the dropdown arrow to the right of your name and you’ll see the favourites option.

@Globetrotter - Are you sure that when your page loads it is not scrolled down slightly? This happens to me sometimes so I have to scroll the page up an inch to see the whole page ( which is where the save searches button is)

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Morning @Globetrotter … not sure if you are online at the moment, but I’ve had a quick look at your account on the desktop and right now it looks like you don’t have any saved searches - this is odd if you are getting notifications and have set searches in the past. Can you try something, and if this doesn’t work we will get membership services to help. I’m going process of elimination here, so want to see first if the saved search is working from your desktop as it should.

  • Go to “find a sit” and filter for a location you are interested in, or just pick something like England.

  • Wait for the selected sits to show, then look right over to far top right (as Colin says you may have to scroll across the screen as far as you can) and you should see a box “Save Search”.

  • Click that box and see if that saves your selection.

  • Refresh the screen and see if you then have saved searches showing.

Hope that’s easy to follow, but if not send me a DM and I’ll try and help you more with this.

All the best, Vanessa

Hi Vanessa - I saved a search this morning - the heart turned red so appears to be saved. I’ve done this with quite a few listings in the past but still don’t see anyway of looking them up. I logged out and logged back in and have scrolled to the top of the page as Colin recommended but still nothing.

Just to clarify - saving a search and saving a listing are two different things.

I and others have instructions on how to find a saved search. See my instructions and screen shots above.

Snowbird gave instructions on how to find a saved listing (actually called “Favourites”).

I just wanted to point this out to avoid confusion. I believe what you are looking for are the Favourites, hence the red heart.

Log into THS, click on your name in top right hand corner, and scroll down to “Favourites”.

When I click on “favourites” I see some old listings that I’ve done. I don’t see the listing I “saved” this morning. I see your screen shot above but nowhere do I see that “saved searches” or “view all”. It’s not a big deal but just frustrating wondering what the problem is.

Hi @Globetrotter, thanks for coming back. I think as @Kelownagurl says, there’s come confusion here between saved searches and favourites. The red heart does suggest you are “Favouriting” the listing which is different to the instructions we’ve all been giving you.

Forget everything we’ve all told you about saved searches :slight_smile:

I will check your account when I’m back on in the morning and see if I can see what’s happening.