Saying Hi from Northumberland, England

Hi everyone! I was trying to find some technical help, and found the forum! I have had a read of a lot of the topics in the last day, and wanted to be friendly and introduce myself!

Garry and I (Deborah) are homeowners who have had membership of TH for quite a few years now. We have had a variety of housesitters over the last 12 years, but strangely none of them have been found through this site. We did have a wonderful couple from here lined up 3 or 4 times (it’s easy to lose track!) in this last 2 years, but of course, those trips have all been cancelled. They are sadly not available for our trip we have booked next year, so here I am again, taking a deep breath and hoping to find that special someone.

We live in rural Northumberland, and have a few outdoor animals as well as our dogs and cat, so we certainly could not go away without this. I have always loved the ethos of this site, and am looking forward refamiliarising myself with using the site, enjoying this forum, and maybe getting to know some of you.


@Boodie Hello Deborah and Garry. Welcome to the forum from beautiful rural Nortumberland, and thank you for taking the time to introduce yourselves. The pandemic has certainly caused some upheaval but there’s a very strong rebound in travel and house sitting again, and we’re glad to hear you’ve got a trip organised for next year. Are you going somewhere nice?

We are a friendly, respectful community, and so I am sure you will connect with plenty of other members here and on the website, and will find those special sitters you are hoping for. I know many of our members just love (as we do) having outdoor animals to look after, and your donkeys look adorable!! Please enjoy finding your way around the forum and chatting with our members. All the best!


Hello Deborah and Garry :wave:t2::grinning:


Hello Deborah and Garry. Northumberland is beautiful and I wish I’d visited there more often when I lived nearer (I’m from York bit have lived in Gloucestershire for 20+ years).