Let’s talk and share stories of Scotland. You know you wanna…

I took a few short trips to Scotland before I becoming a home and pet sitter and only ever to Edinburgh. When I became a full-time sitter, I was thrilled (chuffed) and privileged to go as many as 8-9 times my first year and experience a life I never imagined.

At the airport flying in from London.

Chickie, my first Scottish lass I cared for. She had a neurological problem, trauma they said and suffered from something like night terrors. She was such a sweetie but she would suddenly jump in terror and claw you. I sat for her on 3 separate occasions.

The view from the window :slightly_smiling_face: The flat was directly on the Water of Leith.


Theses are all North of Scotland, Orkney or Shetlands and one of Loch Ness on a very calm day.
Never say you have been to Scotland until you have been North or West of Inverness. It is the most beautiful place on this earth but too damn cold to stay there.
From a very proud Scotsperson. X


The dolphins near The Sma Islands, Rhum I think.


I love Edinburgh. Lovely photos

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The Kelpies last week between sits in Livongston and Dollar.