Search filters cancelling each other out?

I’m specifically talking about ‘Accessible by public transport’ and ‘Use of car provided’. I don’t own a car and was therefore excited to see ‘Accessible by public transport’ search filter.

However, I do have a full and valid driving licence, so I’ve been applying both filters in my searches.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like the filters search and only show listings that meet all ticked criteria?

I tick both because if there’s no access to public transport, I’m happy to use owner’s car.

But I’ve played around with the filters, and if I remove one of those filters, I suddenly get more results. So I have to have two separate saved searches, one with each filter?

Is it possible to change search results logic so it returns listings ‘IF ANY’ criteria instead of ‘ONLY IF ALL’ criteria is met?

Also, out of curiosity, when the ‘Accessible by public transport’ filter was added earlier this year, how were the existing listings updated? Were owners asked to update the listing to answer that question? I saw several listings where it says ‘Not accessible by public transport’ but the location does actually have public transport, so I wonder if that’s the leftover from before, when only ‘Sitter needs own car’ was available.

Thank you


Someone on this forum did a great study of the filters for animals. The combinations were very counterintuitive.

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Was that @geoff.hom?

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That was the very first thing I thought of when I saw the use of car vs accessible by public transit filters. We need an and vs. or function.


Hi @Maggie8K , @pietkuip , @TomorrowTamara:

I did post a reply in a different topic on animal filters. (That feeling when it takes you 15 minutes to find your own post…)

The long-story-short is that the animal filters treat some animals (cats/dogs) differently than others (horses/poultry/etc.). So, I wouldn’t be surprised if other filters act similarly unintuitively. You’d just have to test them.

And to address OP’s questions a bit more: I’m sure it’s possible to change the search logic in the code. But you first have to convince TH that they should do that. =) I’m not sure who makes that decision. Maybe someone on the “Product” team.

When filters were added this year, there was a default chosen, but I forget what it was. So yes, a lot of sits may still have the default, whether correct or not.