Filter "Use of car included"

I just learnt that the very valuable filter “Use of a car included” now comprises the result “Sitter can use your bike”. Every child would see there is a huge difference between a bike and a car. This filter is the main reason why I prefer TH over other relevant platforms - up to now. Thus please seperate these two categories fast.

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Next it will include use of;

Horse and cart

All very car like, not. :roll_eyes:


Hello @BeckyOnTheHill Thank you for raising this one :slight_smile:

The filter for ‘use of car included’ should match you with listings that show a car is included in the amenities.

The ‘sitter can use your bike’ should be a separate amenity under ‘Parking and Transport’.

If you filter using the ‘use of car included’ filter and only a bike is listed in the amenities then please send the listing to Membership Services or feel free to DM it to me and we can look into this one further. Thank you!

I tried the filter and the results included a sit where no car is included. So clearly not working .

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@Silversitters Please DM me an example of a listing that showed up incorrectly in the filter (I had a quick look for any but all the ones I clicked on had a car) then I can send them to the tech team to see why it would be pulled through.

I will also report it as a general issue, but examples always help! Thank you :slight_smile:

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I already sent some examples to the THS support, that’s where I got the feedback that “sitter can use your bike” is now included in “Use of car included”. Hope the IT can fix it soon.


@Carla I have DM you two examples that came up when I did a search for U.K. use of car included.

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Hello @BeckyOnTheHill & @Silversitters
Just an update for you both, the team have let me know that this is a bug where listings that have removed the use of their car (they previously provided a car) are still showing in the filter search. They are working on a fix now. Any more updates I will let you know :slight_smile:


“Use of car included” obviously also comprises the filter “free off-street parking”. Hope you fix this bug soon. Don’t like to find every second hit turn out wrong.

The filter “use of a car included” still pops up with “free off-street parking” - so still doesn’t work. This is an IT matter. When does THS intend to fix it? It is THE filter why I am on this platform and not on another.

Hello @BeckyOnTheHill Thank you for following up. The tech team are aware and as mentioned is working on a fix. As soon as I know more I will update you. You can also reach out to the Membership Services team as they log issues as well and can update you via email when they have a fix.