Parking Filter?

Parking in cities or anywhere-is there a box for HOs to check where or what kind of parking is offered other than to mention it in the profile or the sitter asking every time? EX: Chicago has free parking on the street, paid parking on the street, parking in the HO driveway, parking in their garage, paid parking garages etc. All cities are like this yet I do not see that option in the HO listing and most don’t mention it. I understand we should ask and communicate but it would be helpful when considering sits.


another vote for including parking info.


Hi @Libby2019 and thank you for your question and suggestion. There is currently a filter for whether a car is included, but not specifically around parking. But it’s a good idea so I’ve moved this into the feedback and ideas category so the team see this for consideration when they are next looking at updates to search filters.


I would love this!
I rarely see parking mentioned by HOs, even when “sitter will need a car” is marked.

I’m looking at sits in cities where I’ve lived, and I know for a fact that it is common to have to park on the street up to a half mile from home… and yet it’s not mentioned.

Obviously, if I apply, I ask. But it sure would be quicker if it were mentioned in the profile.

If they live somewhere like Manhattan and they don’t mention either parking or nearby public transport or both, I usually don’t bother applying. :woman_shrugging:

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This would be so helpful!

Yep, this would be super helpful!! Think that it would be great to have this included in listings!!

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@Nomad7 @Fluffball Don’t forget to get the VOTE button at the top of the post if it’s something you agree with … makes it stand out to the team :slight_smile:


Vote button? Didn’t know about it. Is it something other than the emoji’s? Where can I find it?

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At the top of this thread @mars under the topic title :point_up_2:

Thank you @Angela-CommunityManager !
I voted (above) and it tells me I only have 7 votes left. Does this mean votes are limited to 8 per member?

That might be a limit set by Discourse. I will check that over weekend and let you know. I’m pretty sure it will by time based :slight_smile:

Voted, I have used 1 of my votes and 2 votes remaining

I believe as your trust levels increase (a setting within Discourse) so do your available votes :slight_smile:


I don’t know how is in the rest of the world, but in the US we often hear " Oh, we have a garage but we can’t use it, because it is already full of stuff."

Our next sit should be an interesting one because we have to re-park our car and the HO’s car. Hopefully it is not every 2 hours :rofl:

Any updates from the admins on where this sits with the possibility for the addition to the site for HOs to disclose?

Hi @Libby2019 the product team give updates on feedback and ideas around functionality & user experience and as the forum is such a valuable resource for the development team I’m sure @Ben-Product will be happy to comment when he is back online.