Seasonal sitters

Hello all,
Brand new to the site and trying to navigate to understand how it all works.
I was wondering whether Christmas is a difficult time to seek sitters??


Hi @hillsjos and welcome! Your question has been asked quite a bit lately but I can say there are many, many sitters out there who love to spend the holidays taking care of special furballs.

Thank you for joining our Community Forum. You are going to find so much helpful information from both forum members and TrustedHousesitters forum team alike.

I see you have not joined TrustedHousesitters yet and if there is anything we can do to assist you with joining, please feel free to reach out and we will be happy to help. TrustedHousesitters is an amazing organization filled with both sitters and pet parents who want to join forces and help make all our furry friends happy, safe and content in the own homes.

We certainly hope you decide to join, but once again, thanks for joining the forum….it’s a great start to becoming a member of our family of pet lovers!

Have a wonderful day!



Welcome - as sitters we thought Christmas would be an ideal time to join (10 years ago). Many homeowners like to get away and as we didn’t have any ties we relished an opportunity to care for pets and enjoy a change of scenery over the festive period. We have sat most Christmas/New Years since joining. Mum joined us on several occasions so if you have extra space available it would be a good idea to mention it to attract families.
If your dates are flexible I would mention that as well.
If you do join THS I would recommend you post your listing asap. Personally we have had our Xmas sit confirmed for a couple of months.


@Twitcher you have given some excellent advice for potential sits. I know there has been growing concern around some folks not finding sitters, but I think that is changing quickly and the sooner the sits are posted, the better.

Hi, We are Suzie & Richard from Missouri in the US. Sometimes, I sit solo and really enjoy escaping from home. During holidays and certain semesters or school holidays my husband, Richard would like to join me. I am a farm girl. The real thing. 100 Angus cows, calves, hogs, goats, collies & cats. Richard is an engineer that recently decided to leave industry to finish his PhD and teach at the University. We are currently in the “what now?” Phase of life. Our boys are young adults and we\I would love to spend holidays with your fur babies. @Suzie4LSU


Hi @Suzie4LSU and welcome to the forum! I read your profile and wondered if you would be interested in Ocala Florida coming up in the next couple of weeks. There is an emergency listing and they are definitely looking for someone right away. Let me know and I will see if we can hook you guys up for an interview.

In the meantime, I see you have not linked your member profile to your forum profile. By doing so, you will get extra exposure and pet parents can click on your profile after reading your post. Go to How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile and follow the instructions.

Good luck and happy sitting!

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Hello Suzie and Richard - as a relatively new member of THS and other house sitting sites, I can tell you that the holiday sits are some of the most available. They do book up early - I am booked into Nova Scotia for Christmas and New Year’s and this sit was booked 45 days ago. So start applying - lots of holiday sits available right now - larger cities get more applications so apply ASAP for any that fit your criteria. Try to do something you can drive to so you eliminate the crazy flying issues. Welcome and good luck!

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Hello and welcome. This question is regularly asked (if you type Christmas into the search field you should find some discussion). Christmas is popular with some sitters, me included, but I would post your dates asap as many people will already be booked


Thank you for the advice

I am new and would love to try sitting in NH USA. Good luck and happy festive season!